Resources for learning R

I use R for statistical and visual analysis of data in behavior and physiology. Here is a collection of materials for those starting to work with R. If you have questions or problems you're interested in collaborating on, please get in touch (contact information available in my CV on the main page). Information is organized into recommended material, a collection of sample scripts, and comprehensive materials from workshops I have organized.

Recommended R Books and Websites

Many of these books may be at your university's library for browsing before deciding to fork over money. I've found myself carrying one or several around on a daily basis as I work through a particular problem, and in the long run found it best to buy personal copies. Note that many books cover the same or similar subjects, especially basic introductions and statistics. It may be worthwhile to browse, but if you find yourself wasting too much time, just pick one up and run with it. Highly recommended books are *starred*.

Data Manipulation and Statistical Analysis
Read this section as a menu and pick relevant materials based on your interests and expertise.
ggplot2. If you are new, start at the top of this list and work your way through.